About Us

It is not often that we are all together in the same place.

Patience Brewster, Inc. is managed by some of the best in the business.

  • Holland C. Gregg III

    Our COO, Chief Operating Officer! My husband, Holly, has been in every imaginable position in both the greeting card company and the present company. He had many previous lives...
    as a musician (songwriter singer and guitar player in a vocal group called by many names, but most notably, the Dean Brothers) and as an entrepreneur creating his own companies ( i.e. the very first weekly broadcast TV show presenting real estate for sale in the mid 80's and later writing and producing prime time medical and health information shows). Holly has figured out everything from getting me out the door to my first meetings to sell my art, to writing our first viable business plan, to building our first trade show booth, driving the van, unloading it and setting up, to printing and packing our first cards and sticking on the labels! He figured out the Patience Brewster, Inc gifts business as well. Today he oversees everyone with a warm completely authentic smile and probably a hug. He has treated every employee as part of our family, even the ones that technically are not. One could not ask for a kinder, deeper, more fearless leader! Did I mention Holly is also our photographer?? He somehow inherited the task of being the eye and trigger finger that brings our product to you on this site and just about everywhere you might see a photograph! There is a very long list of community efforts and charitable fundraising under Holly's guidance. He heads several pivotal community awareness groups, CPCS, SKARTS and the Finger Lakes Land Trust and is the driving force of our Dinner for Herm. And, he still picks up the guitar for an appreciative audience or sneaks off to write a song.
  • Rebecca Dalton

    Where do we begin with our VP of Sales? Maybe we start with the tall, cool, intelligent blonde who glided into our humble abode when I was desperate for a babysitter for my toddler and infant!...
    We trusted her with our babies then. Some 22 years later, after her studies and career efforts had taken her to the top of the nursing profession, pharmaceutical sales, and her own entrepreneurial efforts, she knocked on our door. She had heard that we were in over our heads running two businesses and suffering many personal challenges. Rebecca asked if she could simply help a little, noting that my bird feeders needed filling and pointing to the teetering piles of paperwork on my desk that needed attention. That was the first step. She quietly tended to the dishes in the office, then to the flow of the business there and then to the customers who radiantly bloomed and grew under her organized nurturing care. Slowly she revealed through her work that we had a Maserati disguised as a VW Bug in our midst. We would not be here, certainly we would not be running as smoothly or as well-oiled as we are, without this professional fabulous woman! She happens to be married to our DC and Quality Assurance man, John Sheppard. So you know there is not going to be a situation here where the office does not know EXACTLY what the warehouse is doing! She and John have raised a daughter, Olivia, who we all adore. Olivia is a rising star in the world of science and engineering. Watch her soar just like her mom. P.S. They also raised our warehouse dog, Dottie.
  • Hubbard Stout

    VP of Product Development. Hubbard worked for Department 56 when it was owned by Ed Bazinet, a visionary, who created the company. Now he is working for this one artist company...
    Hubbard and I have the same vision on developing ideas and product. We like to work with people who love what they do and excel at it. Hubbard has a vast knowledge of the globe and where to find the very best crafts people and artisans specifically for everything from cardboard boxes to blown glass to fabric, ceramics or resin. He keeps everyone feeling extra good about what they are doing with great diplomacy and respect. I could not have a better traveling companion. We like good indigenous food (or none at all as is the case in certain parts of the world) and can work long hours. He loves languages and learns fast wherever we go. Hubbard speaks such excellent Chinese that everyone in China tells me the same thing: "You know… Hooburt, he speak better Chinese than we do!" A hockey maniac, Hubbard has raised a son who sleeps with his helmet and hockey stick and a beautiful, graceful daughter; both speak fluent Spanish. I am not sure how many languages their dog, Nordy, speaks!
  • John Sheppard

    Our trusty and trusted DC and Quality Assurance man. This means he touches everything that comes into or exits our warehouse. He knows where it goes and what it looks like, how to find and...
    where to ship it. No one is more dedicated to this task than John, as he makes certain that product and delivery are up to our high standards. Dottie, his warehouse dog, keeps her Border Collie eye on any escapee boxes and herds them right back into position. She adds a bark of approval to every correct shipping label when it is printed.
  • Marietta Gregg

    This amazing girl, our Director of Marketing, I can truthfully say, I knew before she was born. A more wonderful daughter and friend does not exist. A woman of few words, she gets the word out for us...
    She is much more comfortable talking about others and shines in her ability to do so. Marietta studied International Affairs at George Washington University, but later went back to school when she saw me in desperate need of a graphic designer. She has continued to seek out and learn whatever we need in our timeline in terms of graphics, design, communication and technology. Marietta has her own style but perfectly delivers mine, needing minimal instruction. “Mer” has occupied many chairs in our business so she has personal knowledge and can be of assistance to all of us on the team as well as to our customers. She is a yogi of supreme grace and yoga instructor, a foodie and head over heels in love with her French Bulldog duo, Ruben and Petunia. Marietta also digs deep in our arts and education fundraising efforts, the Dinner for Herm which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and volunteering her own talents in art therapy classes.
  • Melissa Scala

    Guest and Product Specialist. You might talk to Melissa if you call. Melissa is smooth as silk and particularly precise at keeping orders clear, clean...
    and punctual. She keeps an eye open and a quick draw on the holster of our telephones, ready to answer questions instantly! We are very proud of her dedicated attention to our customers. Melissa is also our organizer on our fundraisers, like the Dinner for Herm that benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A busy mom, who also loves new recipes, planning for a party and fitness, what a combo! She is always eager to help on a plethora of extra curricular activities!
  • Patience Brewster

    Artist in residence. There is plenty about me on the About Patience pages.