World Edition Santa:|:December 13, 2016

World Edition Santa Figure WoodenShelf Our brand new World Edition Dashing Santa (click on image for more information)

I was asked by a long time friend and collector if I could make a “World Edition Santa”.

She wanted a brown Santa to give to her doctor to whom she gives a gift from my line as a tradition. You have to love this woman!

Lynn was also the first one to show up every year a day or two before my annual show opened on Martha’s Vineyard.

She bought a painting every year, usually the pick of the litter.

Now I had a great way to thank her.

Everyone should have the Santa they imagine, don’t you think? I am happy that I get to draw the ones I imagine!

I painted a new Santa for her.

World Edition Santa Fig with Ribbons We only have a handful of him available! (Click on image for more information)

Whenever I paint my own molded pieces, I am, once again, dumbfounded by the work that goes into each and every one. My hand knows the art and the sculpture and the colors, but I do not have the steadiness that the painters who work  my pieces over and over again possess. They whip around the three dimensional pieces and place the paint exactly where it should go.

It takes me hours to just get used to painting in 3D. I undoubtedly make mistakes, have to clean it and start again.

When I finished this one, I got three more requests, one from a friend who lived in Africa for a while, and two from Whoopi, who I would make anything for!

I snuck in an order for 30 of these World Edition brown Santas(!)

That is a very limited amount in any language!  They just arrived and are up on the site.

If you have any interest in buying one, you might want to hop on the idea quickly.

This World Edition Santa looks happy with the Dash Away reindeer. But then, Santa is ALWAYS happy everywhere he goes!

Cheers! 'T’is the season!


World Edition Santa on Mantle Dashing Santa now available as part of our World Edition collection.
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