Why, oh why think Christmas in July!?:|:July 8, 2015

SantaClockSUPERcloseupWeb Nicholas Candlelight Candle Holder- click image for more details!

You know that little light you sometimes need to switch on in your head as a reminder that you were going to get something done that you forget to do EVERY YEAR???

Maybe you wanted to remember to start handmade cards you were going make, the Icelandic sweater you were going to knit, the gefilte fish you were going to pickle, the photo you were going to take for a Christmas card NOW when everyone is together and flush with the glow of summer?

Maybe you just needed to remember to start that list of gifts needed that would inspire you as you travel or peruse the Internet.

We are thinking of what everyone might want for Christmas all year long and we HAVE to be ready, especially THIS year!

To help switch on that little light, to give you incentive, share inspiration, AND to reward you, we are offering our grand Nicholas Santa Candelabra in a new contest!

Here he is lighting the not-so-far-away path to Christmas, holding his candlelit staff. He gently whispers that Santa is always there, always listening to a world full of wishes!

Send us your thoughts, your preparations, your inspiration. Nicholas could be your reward!

Nothing too elaborate needed, my friend, just show us who you are thinking of, how you prepare, or maybe show Nicholas just  how very, VERY, good you have been so far this year!!!

Contest begins: July 8, 2015

Contest ends: July 31, 2015

To Enter:

-Follow PB on Instagram @patiencebrewster
-Ensure your Instagram account is not set to "Private" (during the duration of the contest in order for us to see your photos - thank you!)
-Post a photo about your Christmas in July celebration on Instagram while tagging @
patiencebrewster and use the hashtag #PBChristmasinJuly!

Prize: Our handmade hand painted Nicholas Candlelight Santa Candle Holder! We will contact the winner directly after the contest is over for their information.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Thank You!!!!


SantaCandlesPinkRoomCropped White flowers and candle surround our Candlelight Santa Candle Holder

19 thoughts on “Why, oh why think Christmas in July!?”

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  • Kathy

    I'm a bit perplexed. You want us to share this on Pinterest yet you can only enter through Facebook and Twitter. A lot of us do not have nor want a Facebook or Twitter account so you are excluding and punishing us for not using Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore the guidelines for all three of those social media sites say that you can not exclude anyone from entering or participating and that entry must be open to all. That is why most contests use Copter which enters everyone and gives additional chances to win by pinning, tweeting, liking on facebook, Read the guidelines, you're in violation. While I won't report you I am sure that someone will. You really did not plan this well for such a pricey prize to win. I would try to fix this if I were you. Good luck.

    • Patience

      Hello Kathy! Thank you for writing to us! I apologize for the confusion. We are promoting our Giveaway on all of our social platforms with the intention of allowing as many people as possible to enter to win! We were hoping to feature the Giveaway on Instagram, so we could collectively check out the hashtag #PBChristmasinJuly to see the other entries and perhaps be inspired! As you can see in the comments below, we encourage you to use Instagram, but we are open to taking images via email! Please always know you can contact us at 800.272.8844 or email us at info@patiencebrewster.com and we will be happy to help! All the best.

  • cookie

    I don't use Instagram so I am hoping I can enter here. Love the Santa and Christmas in July always. Thanks so much.

    • Patience

      Hello! Thank you for writing to us! We would love for you to participate! Our hope was to post the images to Instagram so everyone could see them under our hashtag #PBChristmasinJuly! The app is free and rather easy to use! If you are opposed to the app, then we could submit your photo for you. Please send any images and contact info to us at: info@PatienceBrewster.com or you can call for assistance! 800.272.8844! Thanks again!

  • Kim

    What a lovely Santa. I have a few things I have wanted to whip up for Christmas, this may be the perfect incentive to do so! Thanks!

    • Patience

      Thank you Kim! We would love for you to show us what you are whipping up! The Santa is really remarkable, he is 2 feet tall and sparkles and gleams in the light! We just love him!

  • Mary L

    Love your work, just discovered your blog and so glad I did.


    I am working on my post this morning. LOVE your gorgeous ornaments, especially the little piggy.

  • Diane@homesweethomemade

    I wish I could say I was busy making something beautiful for Christmas, but I am busy GROWING something! I'm growing cotton this summer, so I can harvest the bolls and make a pretty white cotton Christmas wreath!

    • Marietta

      Hi Diane! How cool!!! Have you done this in the past? Sounds dreamy- would love to see any photos if you have some or hope to see them when it all comes to fruition! Cheers!

  • Liz May

    I don't have an Instagram account.

    • Marietta

      Hi Liz! Not sure if you were just chatting with our GPS team about this, but we would love for you to still participate! Instagram is a free app and is relatively easy to create an account! This way everyone can view submissions via our hashtag #PBChristmasinJuly! If you are unable to access Instagram, then please email us your photo! info@patiencebrewster.com Thank you!

  • k

    Patience, I love all of your work!
    You have a Special talent! I really love this new Nicholas!

  • Angie DiMeglio
    Angie DiMeglio July 8, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Simply beautiful

  • Alicia T

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am celebrating Christmas with my husband in Mexico because we couldn't be together. My daughter was so excited to see the pink tree and ornaments he got her and wanted to put them up! How could I say no! I am also painting coffee jars and lightbulbs transforming them into snowmen! Your beautiful work has been inspiring me for years!

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