Why I love Valentine's Day:|:February 13, 2015

MER MUM HERM FEB 15 1981141 My Mother, Marietta "Lalla" Brewster, my son "Herm" and my brand new daughter, "Mer," all together for the first time, right after she was born.

Why I love Valentine’s day

In February, 1981, I was about to get my best Valentine ever.
Marietta was born on my mother’s 61st birthday and became her namesake.
I was euphoric.
The only worry in the world, for me, was bringing this perfect pink camellia of a baby home to her loquacious two year old brother who had been sole owner of Holly’s and my attention for all his born days.
I braced myself for some kind of disruption to our nest, fully expecting Herm to ask that we drive this baby to some house other than ours.
Instead, upon seeing his baby sister for the first time, he took in a big breath and let out a sigh.
He walked over and put his little hand on her head and said, ”Don’t worry Marietta, I will take care of you.”
And that was my second best valentine ever.

mer's born163 Right after Mer was born.
IMG_2584 Mer at my desk in my studio, working late with me.

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