Welcome to our shiny new website!:|:October 27, 2014


PB 980 x 300

We have been working like squirrels here!

My husband, Holly, has been refreshing his photography; Rebecca has been planning and placing the photos and Marietta, my daughter, has been rearranging and juggling them and these pages for longer than you might guess!

The result is this shiny new site! We are excited to be able to tell you stories, introduce our wares and our wonderful staff, and (best of all) to hear from you.

AND! We have a new trick up our sleeve!

Up until now, we have given a preview of developing product only to our retail partners a year in advance of it becoming available to the public. Their reactions provided great feedback as I work on future ornaments and gifts.

This year, with this new site, we decided to show a few items to YOU in advance!

Zelda & Zeke Zebra exclusive handmade ornaments

There are two zebras (Zeke & Zelda) from my growing “Jambo!” African animal series and two little mice from a “Woodland” line (in development for 2015)!

I had just a very limited supply of these four standing ornaments made in advance for the opening of our new site!

Now I can get a reaction from you directly, which helps me tremendously!!

I picked the zebras, Zelda and Zeke because the carving and painting was done so beautifully. We used new materials and techniques for the first time. Notice that the zebras have sisal manes and tails. Fibers are gathered, cut and braided, then dyed to look just like the real deal on zebras roaming the Serengeti!

The three stages of the handmade process: The wooden sculpt, the unpainted resin, and the final hand painted piece.

Like you, I am very concerned about African wildlife and the importance of their survival in the delicate balance of our planet right now.

I am working on a way to make these little ornaments create funds to protect the most endangered elephants and rhinos. (More on that soon)

Pip & Squeak Snowshoe Mice ornaments are part of our Woodland & Dash Away collections.

The little woodland mice are simpler at first glance, but if you look closely you will see they are both wearing the tiniest little hand knotted snowshoes and Pip carries tiny ski poles!

Here we are for you, just as the temperatures drop, leaves fall and seasonal planning begins. I invite you to cut up a honeycrisp apple, brew some tea and take a look!


Chirps and cheers all!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to our shiny new website!”

  • Helen Pearce

    Please advise if you can ship the zebras to Australia. If no t how I may purchase them.n
    Many thanks Helen Pearce

    • Patience

      Hi Helen! We have a distributor in Australia, called Whitehill. We would be happy to get you in contact with them- please call or email- 800.272.8844 info@patiencebrewster.com

  • Stacey

    I love your pieces! I have a request for you to think about...My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Hanukah. I would love to have some Jewish looking camels, artsy dreidels, an antler rack menorah or other Prentiss Brewster style renditions. Is that something you might consider? Thank you!

    • Patience

      Hi Stacey! Thank you so much for the note. I have passed along your letter to Patience. She has been trying to incorporate hanukah into our offerings, but since we are not entirely familiar with the religion, we are not absolutely sure of what to provide. Your suggestions are MOST appreciated! The antler rack menorah is pure brilliance. We are in the midst of our product development for 2016 and will do our best to create something that works well for you! Cheers! Marietta

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