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    The mother of all mothers

    I had the mother of all mothers. She was made of curiosity, passion, boundless energy and love. She had been a sculptor, a painter, she made the wooden crib that her children were nestled into when they were bo... read more

    April 27, 2015 | 18 comments

    • what a lovely, sweet tribute you have written about many precious moments of your Mother. so glad to have happened upon this tonight, as it has blessed me. (you had me at the joyous leap photo!)

    • […] unique ornaments (and other things). She also has a blog, where she recently paid tribute to her mother. You really have to read the blog post. It nearly made me cry, and I never even met the woman! The […]

    • […] be a wonderful post to write. Patience wrote a fantastic post about her mother, which you can read here. Marietta sounds like she was one heck of a […]

    • Your mother had a huge influence on me in my Girl Scout days. She would take me to the house on E. Place Road and serve me a proper tea. She always took just and we always had such a grand time. She showed me your first book which was made with your drawings and fabric. She will always be in my heart for the special treat of her time & life lessons she gave me. I know live a few houses Dow from there and think of her every time drive by.

    • I simply adored Lalla...no other words necessary. Thank you for sharing her!!!

    • Patience, your mom was such a "pisser" as the family used to say. Some of these photos truly resonate for me... Lalla was generous, playful, strong, inspiring and fun! Thank you for sharing this....it brings back so many wonderful memories.

    • Follow your line and your life as a fellow Skaneateles person.... this tribute to your mom is wonderful; and now we know how you came by so many of your gifts... Vicki Condie MacTavish

    • Wonderful post about your Mom! To this day I still remember that red poncho she made you...that you wore to Cold Spring school! I loved it so much and begged my Mom to make me one...she didn't :(

    • Hi Patience, I am not sure that we have met but I feel like I know you because through many years at the Beach Club and spending time with Bailey Cook at your parents and growing up with JoJo I know many of your family members and relatives. This is such a beautiful story about your mother. She was a very special person and feel blessed to have known her. Thank you for sharing. I very much enjoyed this article. Fondly, Sarah Gillette.

    • I have been a neighbor of your parents since 1987. I live on Clifford Road. I walked passed your parents house on a daily basis especially when my children were young. She was a warm friendly lady. Aways came out to see my children. We loved Lala and Spencer.

    • Patience, every post you have shared that I've read has spoken to me, but none more than this. Your tribute is obviously fitting this remarkable lady. She reminds me of my own remarkable mother, though I don't think my mom could do leap so gracefully as your mother in that first photo. I suspect her daughter is following right along in her footsteps. I sense that you two exhibit this long list of incredible accomplishments. Happy Mother's Day!


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