Summertime Spirits!:|:July 17, 2015

Ingredients for Plymouth Ice Tea

Summer Nights! Cocktails!

After a long hot day in the sun, one that might include weeding, pruning and clipping the enthusiastic mint, I end up with a big fragrant bouquet that just calls out for lemonade, iced tea, and possibly cocktails!
We love these summer refreshers:
Quick Minty lemonade:
Squeeze 1/4  of a lemon into tall glass, add 1 tsp. or more  maple syrup to taste, (no need to make simple syrup!) add ice, seltzer or water and a sprig of mint!
Delicious as is... or if you worked SO hard, you deserve the cocktail version, add our local 1911 Vodka (made from Beak and Skiff apples!) or rum.
Plymouth Iced Tea:
Pour a quart of boiling water (best from the Chiltonville tap) over 4-5 black tea bags or loose tea.
Add cut slices of one orange and four to 5 generous sprigs of mint.
Sweeten with your local honey to taste while hot.
Let the tea brew.
Strain into a glass jar or pitcher to cool or pour over ice with added fresh mint and fresh orange slices.
Add water if the tea is too strong or a splash of ginger ale if you like it sweet!
If you serve this at a party it is delicious with Gosling's rum or Maker's Mark whisky, really, what ever you like, but watch out as your guests will be happy AND caffeinated.
They may never leave!
Tea with Goslings Two Glasses
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