Our New Mini Nativity:|:October 12, 2016

Patience Dogs Mini Nativity Somehow my Nativity has grown to include 35 pieces!

It started with the three wise men, (magi or kings) and their animals. I left them wandering the desert for a couple of years! They forged field and fountain, moor and mountain, following the star until I finally made a holy family to end their search.

I am so happy that people love adding one new piece to their Nativity each year. I try to imagine what would be fun to discover as the new arrival to the manger.

Adding to the scene is flexible, but, it is expensive to purchase the handmade full-size figures.

Now there is a new option.

Last year I decided it was time to create a mini version of the Nativity for smaller spaces and smaller budgets. It has arrived!

Mini Nativity Glamour w Fat King on Right Cropped Our NEW Mini Nativity, set of 13 (click on image for pricing and dimensions)

Our minis have always been a happy, affordable alternative to the full size ornament or figures.

This new mini set has all the detail possible in the faces, gold leaf crowns and halos, touches of glitter and fine patterns hand painted even on this diminutive size. The set comes with its own gold shelter, gold stand and star on high hovering over the holy family. The three magi holding gifts, a camel, elephant and horse, and a kneeling angel come with it too.

There is a lot to look at in this mini set. I hope it will tell the Christmas story for you wherever you place it.

If you are racking your brain for a wedding gift or first Christmas present for a new family, this could be it!

(To see more information and pricing please visit this link or click on the images above!)

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