Nesting Instinct:|:July 22, 2015

A stork with a special delivery!  We think our 5 Golden Rings Goose makes a sweet addition to a baby nursery. A stork with a special delivery! We think our 5 Golden Rings Goose makes a sweet addition to a baby nursery.

We are always listening to our "Birds of a Feather" followers, our kind and thoughtful compadres who offer us insight and inspiration. It has been a common request to have more everyday items.

I would like to show you these new items designed to be out all year long!

When I was a new mother I hung little cloth dolls, crystals and paper cut outs over my son’s crib.

Patience and her son, Herm, eating raspberries in 1980 Patience and her son, Herm, eating raspberries in 1980..anyone remember rubber pants?!

None of those things would pass the laws for mobiles today!

But I did not want a world of bold primary plastic as the first visuals for an infant.

Subtle colors soothe me and make me want to look closer.

Pepe Polka Dot Cat and our Woodland Snowshoe Mice whisper sweet nothing to each other. Pepe Polka Dot Cat and our Woodland Snowshoe Mice whisper sweet nothing to each other.

I hoped they would have a similar effect on my child, making the world feel like a gentle place to enter! I think it worked.

Sheldon and Sheila Flamingo smile with pride as Olivia Owl offers wisdom and courage Sheldon and Sheila Flamingo smile with pride as Olivia Owl offers wisdom and courage

So, just for fun, take a look at the Goose, Olivia Owl on a Swing and Tinkerbelle the Nanny pig as a soft way to put gentle joy into a nursery or play room!

We also offer lots of "First Christmas" ornament ideas, framed art, prints or original art just for babies.

Baby Jingle Bells Our luminescent glass Baby Bells really sparkle and are a wonderful keepsake for a Baby's First Christmas!
Baby Room w 2 Framed Art & Tinkerbelle Smaller Tinkerbelle Flying Pig is a joyful piece for any child's space!

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We have some exciting news right now! We want to be sure our loyal customers are the first to know!  We are boxing up some new card assortments and noodling a subscription plan that could be life-changing, gift-giving-changing!

Cheers & Chirps- Patience

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12 thoughts on “Nesting Instinct”

  • Margaret


    Hugs to you. You are the sweetest!

  • Margaret


    Can't tell you how often I visit your site! Like all the time!

    Okay, speaking of cloth diapers, what made you choose cloth diapers?

    Finances? Your children's health? The environment? Were you frugal? Were you old-fashioned?

    With me, having grown up changing cloth diapers on baby siblings, definitely defined what kind of diapers I used as a mother, as did common babysitting, which I did a lot of.

    Diapers at my babysitting jobs were always cloth. Also remember helping an aunt with a baby cousin one summer (cloth diapers and rubber pants). I was much older at the time, so got lots of practice changing his diapers.

    I simply could not see my kids wearing anything but cloth diapers and rubber pants, and having always been a stay-at-home mom, using cloth diapers and rubber pants just seemed right. More proper. More timey.

    How about before you started your family, did you have experience changing diapers? As in cloth diapers with pins and rubber pants?


    • Patience

      Hi Margaret,

      Thank you for the kind note and sharing your story. You are spot on for all the reasons to use cloth diapers, we were very frugal and environmentally conscious. With many siblings and hundreds of babysitting days under my belt I was ready and willing for the cloth. Cheers to you and your family! Thanks again- Patience

  • Margaret

    Such a sweet blog!

    Yep, I remember rubber pants! Does that picture ever bring back memories! Changed many a pair of them raising my kids in cloth diapers! Six kids - cloth for all!

    Also remember rubber pants from when I used to babysit!


    • Patience

      Thank you for taking the time to read and to write Margaret! We appreciate it very much! :)

      • Margaret

        Thank you, Patience!

        How fast we forget, but I was giving thought to the days of cloth diapers after reading your thank you to me, and remembered how I used to double diaper.

        Two diapers when changing a bottom, and always rubber pants. The old-fashioned way...

        I used to enjoy the rhythm I developed when pinning diapers on the line. A diaper in hand, and a clothespin held in my mouth. I could empty a basket of freshly laundered diapers and have them tacked to the line in minutes.

        Changing-time was the same. Off (or down) with the rubber pants (still remember the plastic sound they made), out with the safety pins, change the diaper, elastic leg-holes of rubber pants stretched over baby's feet, tugged up baby's legs, a few quick pulls of the elastic waistband of the rubber pants (front and back), and didies were changed!

        1980's... early 90's, in our house. Two in diapers at a time!

        Nothing IMO equated to a more babyish site, than a clothesline sporting diapers and rubber pants!



    Oh my goodness, such charm and inspiration which stems from a lineage of exceptional artists! Your baby bells, white goose with 5 rings and chubby flying pigs are precious! I'm loving your gorgeous site and uniquely charming artwork that seems to have a spirit all it's own!

  • sdorttuiiplmnr

    I love the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great posts.


    Excellent blog post. I absolutely appreciate this site.
    Stick with it!

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