May We Feather your Nest?:|:July 26, 2017

bird on bird sillo Birds of a Feather- click image to join our flock!

I told our crew that I wanted to thank our loyal birds!

We already offer first news to our bird followers: fresh arrivals, limited editions available and updates on what is running out fast.

But, I really wanted to offer a treat, available only to our birds.

No strings attached!

I was going to say, “Something for nothing!” but that wouldn’t be right.

Signing up to be a bird is a big deal for us! We love being able to alert you to all the good stuff like when shipments arrive, when we are almost sold out, when prices are about to go up and when prices go DOWN!

Rebecca let me know a week ago that there was only one Arthur Green cat left in our supplies!

Arthur was the answer!

Arthur Cat GiveawayJPG Arthur Green Cat
Signed Arthur Cat Signed by Patience

We spun the wheel and up popped a name. Off flew our last green cat to surprise a lucky bird, out of the clear blue sky!


Today, I hear there is only one Pointsittier Dog full size ornament left in the world!

08-30393 Poinsittier Ornament Giveaway Pointsittier Ornament- just one left!

We will soon bound out to our next winner!

I cannot thank you Birds enough! We have had to rock our boat several times, reinvent and make major changes in moving forward as a one artist company!  You loyal birds are my inspiration. You make all the difference, this year in particular!

I hope you get lucky and we pull your name out of our electronic hat!

Cheers Hatchlings and merci beaucoup!

bird in nest w egg

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