Leon... who knew?:|:June 24, 2015

Woodland Santa  Leon Day Our Woodland Santa, new for 2016

Did you know there was a LEON celebration?

It is NOEL spelled backwards, a day for those who want some Christmas on June 25th!
It is funny, we thought we were the only ones thinking about Christmas at this time of year!
We are thinking about it now to have things here for you at the real Christmas.
Believe it or not, each new design has to be perfected a year in advance to be produced and delivered in time!
We wrapped up our orders in March and April.
So, the busy elves are working now as I write this, on our very limited supply.
We ordered carefully and conservatively this year. Quantities will be far less than usual as we try out this new business model. (Santa, are you listening?)
Here are a few things we have learned as we listen to our customers directly.
1. Some people shop VERY EARLY and are VERY ORGANIZED!
Hooray for you early birds! You will be the ones who get everything you want and will feel that confidant Santa love for six months!
2. People still think they will find all of our products in their favorite shop where they have always gone for their annual Krinkle fix.
Now, we hope your shop will have exactly what you need and you will be a happy camper, but you should know that things are very different this year. Supplies will be lighter than usual. And if you are looking for the newest items, for instance, the Synchronized Swimmer, or the entire Woodland Collection, they will not be in any stores, only right here on our web site.
Albert&VictoriaBearCoupleCU Our Woodland Bears, Victoria and Albert
(You will also be instantly able to find your old favorites, like Dash Away and the Nativity here. And you can ask us to check my archives if you are on a quest for retired items, back to earliest D56 that you won’t see on the site.)
Set Dash Away Reindeer w Santa & Sleigh Orns Set of 10 Our Dash Away Reindeer with our Dashing Santa and his Sleigh
If you read our  “about us” page, you will see that I challenged you to challenge our GPS team. Our customer service women call themselves "Guest and Product Specialists" for a reason! They are experts on every Christmas design I have made over the past 15 years, but they also have information and pricing on my Original Art, Giclees, prints, linens and cards at their fingertips!
3. Over the years, frustrated customers have told us they “forget what they bought, for whom and when?” Guess what? We can help with that! If you buy something special for someone every year, we can keep track of that for you! (Just sayin’!!!)
4. People like a special delivery!  Whether you want to buy an ornament a month for a year for newlyweds, (think Twelve Days of Christmas) or give a new baby one special glass ornament a year, or give a child a collection of elves over eight days or a month or a year, on a certain schedule, we can do that!!!
12 Days Mini Ornaments - Set of 12 B Our 12 Days Mini Set and Tree
Go ahead, test our GPS! Your gifts will arrive right on time, right where you want them to be! No stress!
Whether you will begin talking about your Christmas plans on June 25th or on November 25th, we will be celebrating LEON!! Some of us will be stacking packages of raccoons, Santas and shepherds, bats and moons and fairies for 2015, while others unwrap special deliveries of secrets for Christmas 2016!!
RichardJamboPurple Richard the Lion Heart is king of our Jambo! series

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