June Blooms:|:June 16, 2017

PB GardenHolly and I have talked about how many places we have not seen in this country.

So, he planned a trip to go out west in JUNE!

WHAT?? June?

We wait all year for June here! It is the end of lily of the valley, iris, lilac! It is the beginning of mock orange, artemisia and peonies!!! I cannot go away the first week of June!

We left on June first to meet up with some very old and very dear pals in a very new to me place.

It had been a cold and rainy May. The lily of the valley and lilacs managed to bloom as did Gramma Brewster’s irises. Despite the cold, the Miss Kims had a banner year. Our yard was wafting fragrance as we left. Peonies were tall but budded up tight.

Suddenly I was eager for sun and dry and that ridiculous laughter that only comes from staying up too late shoulder to shoulder with pals who have the identical decades of shenanigans under their belts.

Holly decided to break up the journey on our layover to the insanely friendly Salt Lake City.  When we flew over the Salt Lake, it was peony pink, white and icy aqua, introducing a flat as a pancake town between two impressive mountain ranges, stacking layers of grass green, mile high birch and aspens with snowy tops.


IMG_9181 Salt Lake as Patience flies over.
HG SLC Holly in Salt Lake City
Birch trees Deer Valley

Eat at Eva’s, if you go to Salt Lake City for tapas. Charred sugar snap peas, pickled carrots, smokey beet salad and delicious crisp and creamy polenta with black garlic béchamel and kale pesto. Drink the Beehive Gin even if you don’t drink. Drink it if you don't like gin. Drink it straight over ice. It is local and delicious. I am sorry I didn’t buy a bottle! Drink it straight even if your nostrils are stuck together because it is so freaking dry out there that you cannot un-stick them.

Sorry, that was unappetizing..

Holly had a chocolate pot-de-creme which I was not going to taste because it had toasted marshmallow on top. It was incredible. I bet they make their own marshmallows.

The Grand America Hotel had some purdy darn close to Parisian Pan au chocolate and really, really yummy avocado toast, and, again, the absolute nicest people in the world. So nice, we felt like we were in the movie, “The Truman Show”. It felt like everyone was being paid to be nice to us.

IMG_9173 Flowers at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City

Turns out that Lake Tahoe is just as advertised: American glory: purple mountains, pristine water, healthy, shiny skies!

Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe

I sure did not need my giant skirts with eight yards of cotton. Just as my daughter said I would, I wore the same thing every day because you could not get enough of the outdoors, sucking in all that big air. Although thin and incredibly dry, it was clear and invigorating.

On our first hike, Holly and I set out with vacation gusto and in one minute, our bodies shouted, “Not so fast, fools!” Gasping, we learned pretty fast to take it all in at a revised pace.

Lake Tahoe Hike Lake Tahoe Hike

The adventure girl in this group and I got ourselves a little lost one afternoon. We were laughing  as we passed rock formations left and right that looked like perfect bear caves. Until we passed one with a single hiking boot ; the sole ripped from the shoe, near the opening! We were suddenly motivated to find a proper trail.

Patience moving boulders on her hike Patience moving boulders on her hike
Eileen on the CA & NV border Eileen jumping from CA to NV !

We passed several flaming red flowers that looked like misplaced Christmas Ornaments, probably highly toxic, as we followed Stellar’s Jays, beautiful blue birds with natty black tufted heads.

Red Flower on hike


We cooked up our own meals and stirred up our little cocktails so we could actually hear each other's stories. We are now that old.

Tahoe Troop Tahoe Troopers

Turns out this was the year to leave in early June. It rained while we were gone and the gardens were put on hold. They waited for us and then put on a fantastic show.

June Garden Pink Peony

Deep Fuscia Peony

Pale Pink Peony

June Gardens Blue

Luna, our grand daughter, on the other hand, grew like a mellon and learned new tricks and a library of beat-box mouth noises. We still have not heard them all.

Lucky for us. Happy to go, Happy to be home!

Luna sun hat

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