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    June Blooms

    Holly and I have talked about how many places we have not seen in this country. So, he planned a trip to go out west in JUNE! WHAT?? June? We wait all year for June here! It is the end of lily of the valley, iri... read more

    June 16, 2017 | 6 comments

    • hi thanks for june blooms article, its really nice to read and saw the pictures looks really beautiful.

    • Laughed OUT LOUD about the Beehive GIN.....Lake Tahoe on my list and you all look fantasticly young and fun :) Now - Luna is a DREAM

    • Lovely pictures thanks for sharing!! Great to see you last night say hi to Holly..sorry we missed him! We take trips to New England on weekends (we go almost 2 times a month) its lovely to see the Mountains so many wonderful places to visit...but always wonderful to get back home :) xoxo to you all!!


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