First Impressions:|:August 3, 2015

Big Brewster in sweater she knit and Herm in her blanket. Great Gramma Brewster wearing a sweater she knit and Herm in the blanket she knit for him.

The other day my daughter was setting up photos for our Elf shelves and nursery items.

She asked about her nursery pillow. She still yearns for the shell pink rectangle, its back view of a tiny taupe bunny with his appliqué tail, a gift from her aunt Pandy.

Sadly, it was loved to death. Washed and hung out to dry beyond what that fine Feltman Brother’s cotton could bear.

We have her other "firsts". Her first blanket, pink and white knitted by her great grandmother Brewster. Her first sweater made by her grandmother and her first stuffed elephant.

Mer in her blanket and sweater. She got a Steif bear and a chick which both still sit proudly in her room. Mer in her blanket and sweater. She was given a Steiff elephant from her aunt Sarah. A bear, bunny and a chick still sit proudly with him in her room.
Two Mariettas Two Mariettas on the first day home.

The earlier blankets which every grand and great grand baby got from Great Grandma Brewster were of wool and grew a bit smaller and smaller over time.

Marietta’s is good as new today because her great grandmother switched to synthetic. I cringed at the change at the time, but her blanket is here to tout the properties!

I was sure my son was going to be a girl (even though the pendulum said boy..) I kept visualizing I would give birth to my first doll, Baby Jane.

Herm with Mum in her homemade tam. Herm with his sweater and blanket and my Mum in her homemade tam.

Herm, Holland’s blanket was white with a pale orchid border and small forget me nots in the corners.

Herm's blanket and sweater Mum knit and the Steiff bunny his Aunt Sarah gave him. Another lasting gift still with us today. Herm in his blanket and sweater Mum knit with the steadfast Steiff bunny Aunt Sarah gave him.

My mother knit him a pink sweater and pointy hat. He found out early that he looked great in pink and wore it often!

Herm’s pink hat and sweater. Herm’s pink hat and sweater.

Marietta's  white blanket had a pink harlequin border, her sweater was a creamy cable knit.

Those blankets and sweaters got used every day by my capricorn and aquarius winter babies brought home to an 1800 farmhouse heated with wood.

My mother and son having their first moments with Mer. My mother and son meeting Mer.
Herm holding Mer when she was first brought home Herm holding Mer when she was first brought home in another Gramma Lalla sweater.


Talk about first gifts that withstand the test of time:  Three generations of Steiff my mother's bear, my lamb, Herm's bunny and Mer's elephant!


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