Dash Away Collection!:|:December 21, 2015

Of all of Patience's designs, our Dash Away Collection is the most popular, by far!  If they are new to you, we hope this video will help you see why!

We now have over 100 different items in the series! Patience whisks you through our showroom, highlighting the main characters among the offerings!

15 thoughts on “Dash Away Collection!”

  • Obat Sipilis

    Great creations or art. And I like that.

  • Connie

    I love patience brewster

  • Jacklyn Carney

    LOVE love Love your merch., so glad that I found u again!!

    Jacklyn Carney

  • Jill

    I have all 8 reindeer figures. Love them. I noticed on your site some of them look different then what I have ( my Cupid does not have red on the top antlers except for one! Dancer's colors and others are not as vibrant and my comet does not have gold shoes they are frosty blue!) all my boxes say they are all patience Brewster but a few are plain brown boxes with dept 56 listed on them. the other boxes are sturdier brown with leaves on them and big pictures of the reindeer. Are there older and newer versions? I get so many wonderful comments about them. But I would love to have a matching set not different versions. Can you help ?

    • Patience

      Hi Jill! Sorry I am just seeing this comment now! Patience originally licensed her Dash Away Reindeer to Dept 56. When Patience decided to manufacture all of her designs herself back in 2009, her goal was to restore the handmade quality that they once had received, and even improve on it! She slightly updated and revised the Reindeer at that time. Good for you to notice! Now, all of our items are made and shipped through our little company here! I hope this helps answer your question, if not feel free to contact us anytime: 800.272.8844 or info@patiencebrewster.com Cheers!

  • Donna Shields

    Your art makes my widow's heart happy. I have several of your cute ornaments. Thanks for being so creative and sharing with the world.

  • Donna R. Rogers

    I absolutely love my Dashaway collection. What a fantastic artist you are Patience Brewster. I now have all of the reindeer and just ordered my last elve.
    Are the sleighs going to be available again before next Christmas?, and my friends want to know if there is a red nosed one in our future?

  • April Cooper

    All of your ornaments I love. I gave them as gifts to my closest friends and they loved them. Each one is so detailed and whimsical. I just go

  • Sunny Ann Westergren
    Sunny Ann Westergren December 22, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    love them :))

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