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    Nesting Instinct

    We are always listening to our "Birds of a Feather" followers, our kind and thoughtful compadres who offer us insight and inspiration. It has been a common request to have more everyday items. I would like to sh... read more

    July 22, 2015 | 12 comments

    • Patience Hugs to you. You are the sweetest!

    • Patience. Can't tell you how often I visit your site! Like all the time! Okay, speaking of cloth diapers, what made you choose cloth diapers? Finances? Your children's health? The environment? Were you frugal? Were you old-fashioned? With me, having grown up changing cloth diapers on baby siblings, definitely defined what kind of diapers I used as a mother, as did common babysitting, which I did a lot of. Diapers at my babysitting jobs were always cloth. Also remember helping an aunt with a baby cousin one summer (cloth diapers and rubber pants). I was much older at the time, so got lots of practice changing his diapers. I simply could not see my kids wearing anything but cloth diapers and rubber pants, and having always been a stay-at-home mom, using cloth diapers and rubber pants just seemed right. More proper. More timey. How about before you started your family, did you have experience changing diapers? As in cloth diapers with pins and rubber pants? Margaret

    • Such a sweet blog! Yep, I remember rubber pants! Does that picture ever bring back memories! Changed many a pair of them raising my kids in cloth diapers! Six kids - cloth for all! Also remember rubber pants from when I used to babysit! Margaret

    • Oh my goodness, such charm and inspiration which stems from a lineage of exceptional artists! Your baby bells, white goose with 5 rings and chubby flying pigs are precious! I'm loving your gorgeous site and uniquely charming artwork that seems to have a spirit all it's own!

    • I love the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great posts.

    • Excellent blog post. I absolutely appreciate this site. Stick with it!


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    Why, oh why think Christmas in July!?

    You know that little light you sometimes need to switch on in your head as a reminder that you were going to get something done that you forget to do EVERY YEAR??? Maybe you wanted to remember to start handmade ca... read more

    July 8, 2015 | 19 comments

    • […] We’ve just been so busy between day jobs and home improvement (you can follow a lot of the progress on my instagram feed), that I’m just now getting around to sharing a little crafty Christmas in July project. I started this project as a way to jump into the Christmas in July contest happening over at […]

    • I'm a bit perplexed. You want us to share this on Pinterest yet you can only enter through Facebook and Twitter. A lot of us do not have nor want a Facebook or Twitter account so you are excluding and punishing us for not using Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore the guidelines for all three of those social media sites say that you can not exclude anyone from entering or participating and that entry must be open to all. That is why most contests use Copter which enters everyone and gives additional chances to win by pinning, tweeting, liking on facebook, Read the guidelines, you're in violation. While I won't report you I am sure that someone will. You really did not plan this well for such a pricey prize to win. I would try to fix this if I were you. Good luck.

    • I don't use Instagram so I am hoping I can enter here. Love the Santa and Christmas in July always. Thanks so much.

    • What a lovely Santa. I have a few things I have wanted to whip up for Christmas, this may be the perfect incentive to do so! Thanks!

    • Love your work, just discovered your blog and so glad I did.

    • I am working on my post this morning. LOVE your gorgeous ornaments, especially the little piggy.

    • I wish I could say I was busy making something beautiful for Christmas, but I am busy GROWING something! I'm growing cotton this summer, so I can harvest the bolls and make a pretty white cotton Christmas wreath!

    • I don't have an Instagram account.

    • Patience, I love all of your work! You have a Special talent! I really love this new Nicholas!

    • Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am celebrating Christmas with my husband in Mexico because we couldn't be together. My daughter was so excited to see the pink tree and ornaments he got her and wanted to put them up! How could I say no! I am also painting coffee jars and lightbulbs transforming them into snowmen! Your beautiful work has been inspiring me for years!


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