Blitzen's new clothes:|:February 8, 2017

Someone wrote to us recently regarding Blitzen’s fur coat!

This nudged me to mention a little factoid for our faithful birds and customers.

We attempt, on every piece we make, to be as consistent as possible. But it’s not a perfect science when each piece is made by hand and made to order!  We buy paint, feathers, fabrics, beads and bells as we need them.

To some small degree, each ornament is a tiny bit different from the next due to the fact that a human hand is painting every one. I think that’s what makes them great!

Sometimes there is a bigger difference, noticeable to the discerning eyes of our collectors. That is where the added fabrics, beads and bells come in.

Blitzen is a good example. He wears a fuzzy coat. Over the decade his coat has been silky, fuzzy and is now very puffy.


Blitzens through the last eight years.

We never have hundreds of Blitzens stashed away. We order him as needed.  Over the years, his coat has changed, depending on the fabric we are able to purchase at the time.

We do try to only improve on previous acquisitions.  Personally I love Blitzen’s newest coat! (The one on the right)

I am sure, sometime in the future it will change again as we have to buy the closest possible available fabric again!

The same goes for the tulle on Dancer’s tutu and the tiny embroidery on Vixen's  lace collar.

I know you are paying close attention right along with us and now you know the whole scoop!

Cheers all!


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