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    Love thy Dog

    I love having small dogs. Feeding, bathing and traveling with them is easy. But in these icy months, it is awfully hard to send them out into their frigid bathroom. It has been 20 below zero here. I tried bundli... read more

    February 24, 2016 | 8 comments

    • Thank you very much for your whimsy and taking time to share your thoughts about your life and your art. I CANNOT wait for your dogs next year! My husband just finished getting me all of the dashaways. :) I truly hope the beautiful Folly in your circa 1956 pic finds his way into the collection!!! Thanks again for the smiles. Take care, Michelle

    • Thank you Patience for this wonderful article! As a proud Puppy Mama of two wonderful and wild huskies, (Maverick, and his sister Charlie) we get a lot of attention when we are out walking. Most of it positive, but lots negative due to the breed. I've had several people tell me they should be muzzled and kept away from children, because huskies are "wild animals" who could turn on kids if prompted. My two have a lot of experience with babies and toddlers and they are more afraid of a crying baby than anything else! They've had little hands being shoved in their mouths trying to feed them, and all they do is lick those little fingers, never once have they bared their teeth or been possessive of their toys and food. In my eyes, these two hairy little cuddle monsters are my kids, and they live like my children, with all he love and support they need to be happy and healthy dogs. I believe it's up to owner to know what their dog needs and if that's being fulfilled, then all will be good!

    • LOVE your creative, exquisite line!! And love your dogs too~my little 4 lb morkie resembles Bindi-and her name is Mindy. My very best pal. When my mother passed away, Mindy saved my very soul. God bless, Deborah

    • Please make the dogs again!!! They are great. Absolutely LOVE all of your things,I have a big collection :)


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    Framed Art by Patience Brewster

    Find Patience's most popular designs featured in our Framed Art collection. Wonderful gifts for a wedding, birthday, new home, or new arrival! High resolution prints, double-matted and under glass. Even the gold leaf... read more

    February 22, 2016 | 2 comments


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    Groundhog Blog!

    A while back, we watched as some new houses were being built. I knew from picking wild flox in the once empty lots that they were riddled with groundhog warrens. Sure enough, as the land was moved, disgruntled woodch... read more

    February 2, 2016 | 2 comments

    • Patience, this is a funny story and one I could write with the substitution of squirrel for woodchuck. No warren of tunnels, but lots of nests and destruction in our gardens and the cushions on the outdoor furniture. They love the stuffing for their nests and every windstorm brings a stuffing "rainfall". ;-)


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