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  • A Word About This Year’s Supply

    Our New World Edition set of Magi Figures has been very popular this year.  We only have 15 sets left! Our World Edition set of Magi Figures has been very popular this year. There are only 15 sets left!

    From Holland Gregg, Chief Operating Officer at Patience Brewster   


    We made the decision to sell exclusively online reluctantly. We adored our independent retailer customers who treated our brand so well. We loved the face-to-face interaction and the sound of people chuckling at Patience’s new designs.

    Over the past few years, however, our retailers sold more than 65% of our products on line. We all suffered unfavorable consequences as a result. The number of wonderful independent stores selling our products was shrinking rapidly.

    It was necessary to take control of our brand by selling to you directly on our own

    In the past, when we sold to retailers, we produced exactly what they ordered from us to end up with an empty warehouse on December 31st !

    Now, we hope collectors and shoppers will find us online and enjoy the experience of browsing our website and ordering from us, but we had no crystal ball to know how much to order this year.

    So here’s what we decided: We manufactured HALF of what we sold in 2014. If you, your friends or family are planning to add to your Patience Brewster collection this fall, please keep this in mind.

    We want you to get exactly what you want, but supplies are definitely limited.

    If you look closely, you will see the stock status of the items on our site. When supplies are 10 items or less, we’ll show you (please see the example below) how low! So please place your order sooner rather than later because once they’re gone, they’re gone until next year or possibly forever!

    Product Inventory screenshot example

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Many Thanks!

    • I am having a problem ordering 2 Dashaway reindeer. Please get back to me and let me know just how to fill out the order for 2 or 3 reindeer. It was a huge relief to find you are still making these delightful reindeer. After going to where my first 4 reindeer were ordered and they were not available and then calling stores and there were not any available I was scared you had gone out of business.


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  • Patience Brewster Gift Box Packaging

    Our packaging is a key element to protect, present and preserve our handmade pieces.


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  • 10th Anniversary Moonbeam Collection

    Moonbeam Glamour Close Up A close up of the new Moonbeam Reindeer ornaments

    It is hard to believe it was ten years ago that eight reindeer drawings became Dash Away.

    These ornaments have decorated many homes over the decade. I wanted to celebrate their anniversary!

    So I had eight plain white blanks made, thinking I would paint the molded and sanded forms in a new palate.

    I liked the snowy effect when I hung the unpainted unadorned white deer on my empty Christmas tree.

    I tried to keep them simple but I got drawn in to their details.

    I probably painted those white blanks ten different times remembering, once again, how difficult it is to paint in three-dimensions.

    Eventually a clean modern-vintage wintery team emerged.

    Santa with Comet and Cupid The new Cupid and Comet from our Moonbeam collection and our Candlelight Santa ornament in the middle!

    They looked fresh and happy. Touches of silver and gold and glitter sparked them to life.

    Donna Moonbeam Glam Our Donna ornament in her new delightful dress!

    There was a bright full moon one night when I went back into my studio to take yet another peek at the finished team. They were gleaming.

    My dad used to call me “Moonbeam” when I was nine or ten (after Moonbeam McSwine in “Lil’ Abner”).

    I named the collection Moonbeam as a nod to my dad, with thoughts of them prancing on to evergreens and mantles in candle lit homes at Christmastime.

    Patience's father, Spencer Patience's father, Spencer

    It turns out that these reindeer are especially hard to paint and leaf (it is not just me) but I love the results.

    If you like them, please know that we only made twenty five sets this year. So 24 to sell. I am keeping one!

    Moonbeam Group w Santa All the new Moonbeam Reindeer ornaments standing with our White Candlelight Santa
    • I am in love with all of your work! I have the Dash Away figures, and am hoping you have a Moonbeam collection left for me. Could you write back with all of the details? Thanks so much, DJ


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  • Our World Edition Nativity

    Get a glance of our new World Edition Nativity set as Patience gives you the backstory!


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  • See a snippet of our Showroom!

    Take a peek to see things you might not know existed at Patience Brewster!

    You might want them under, on or above your Christmas tree!


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  • Birthday Wish Granted(!)

    untitled Oak Leaf & Acorn, one of our Thank You cards in our Stationery Line

    THANK YOU for my birthday messages!

    I got my wish to attend a spectacular wedding between my son’s brilliant friend and my daughter’s beautiful friend!

    FullSizeRender Holly stands with the man of the hour, Eduardo
    AmandaRehersal The Greggs with Amanda, the bride on the evening of her rehearsal dinner

    I am eternally grateful for the stories and the love that knit the entire weekend together.

    Can I take this moment to also acknowledge the generosity we are seeing on our website?

    We have a donation tab as you check out.  It is an effortless way to donate a dollar or two directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

    Of course, please feel free to donate zillions of dollars if you are so inclined!!!

    We are so HAPPY to discover that people are using this button so we can happily send lovely envelopes to the LLS without their effort or any subtractions for expenses!

    We are in the habit of sending contributions from the Dinner for Herm and our LLS ornament.

    But this donation is a beautiful indication of PEOPLE JUST BEING GOOD!

    We are already seeing improved treatment and cures since we started this fund.

    We will continue to back research until cancers are curable.

    Until that day, keep hitting the DONATE button! Keep being generous and compassionate. It is such a gift to me, to yourself and to your fellow man.

    Thank you from the Holland Chauncey Gregg IV Research Fund, from the Brewster Greggs.




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  • The Story Behind our Dash Away Reindeer

    Dash Away Reindeer in their ornaments size with our Dashing Santa and Sleigh. Dash Away Reindeer in their ornament size with our Dashing Santa and Sleigh.

    Ten years ago, when it was time to come up with new designs, I pulled out Clement Moore’s poem, A visit from St Nicholas, or ‘T’was the Night before Christmas.

    I started to draw the 8 tiny reindeer. First one on the list was Dasher.

    Dasher Dash Away Dasher Reindeer

    He would be tongue-in-cheek dashing; in the way I find fellows dashing, meaning smart, but he had to be a quiet leader as well.

    You can subtly discover that he is a poet at heart, he has the poem written on his otherwise practical long underwear and headpiece.

    He wanted a traditional wreath harness but that inspired coordinating evergreen lined boots. His little additions include three gold bells, three peaceful doves and gold cup candle-holders in his antlers.

    Dancer Dash Away Dancer

    Dancer, unlike Dasher, wanted center stage. I was tutu deprived as a child, so Dancer required a full-blown tutu and real toe shoes with extra long laces for her dancing legs.

    Her harness needed to be feminine so she got a ribbon bound twig wreath, little roses on her headdress and chest plate and toe shoe tops. She has real bows, bells and three doves, two nested in the same gold cups that hold candles in her antlers.

    Prancer Dash Away Prancer

    Prancer was a dream to draw. A fancy pants reindeer who would be the first to put on his top hat and prance a soft shoe in the snow. He needed cummerbund and tails and a fresh evergreen wreath on his harness because he loves the fragrance.

    Only one dove was brave enough to settle in his antlers with his swinging bells and gold star.

    Vixen2 Dash Away Vixen

    Vixen is a name to live up to! She would need baubles and beads and a form fitting jumpsuit to convey that “Come hither, Christmas!” message. Feathers, a must, and a pattern of happy Holly leaves, ripe with berries, a harness collar of double lace, ample amber necklaces, jade pendant and bells. I put frozen ice bubbles in her antlers and, of course, one peaceful dove for good behavior.

    Comet Dash Away Comet

    Speedy and celestial, Comet provides pizzazz to his team. Wouldn’t Comet be alert and bright as the stars, ready to fly up and greet them? His tall boots needed wings emulating Hermes, the god of speed. His has one bell, a moon, and three gold twinkling stars on his head. His jacket is designed for forward motion, except for the beaded fringe! He is fast and fantastic, ready for Christmas Eve! Two tiny doves rest in his antlers ready for takeoff.

    Cupid Dash Away Cupid

    Cupid took cues from the cupids I’d seen in frescoes. Pale pink and snowy and decked in hearts, bells and slippers to be the quietest one on the roof.

    Donna Dash Away Donna

    Donner came along next, also known as Donder, for thunder. I was in ideal Christmas eve mode. Rather than conjuring images of Santa driving through a mighty thunder cloud which might be followed by lightning, I changed my thinking and drew “Donna” .. not exactly a prima donna, but dramatic in her femininity in high boots tied in bows, extra roses in front and back and bells and ruffles! I hope Clement doesn’t mind me taking a liberty on this third and new name for the double named reindeer!

    Blitzen Dash Away Blitzen

    Dear Blitzen, Santa’s oldest, most trusted reindeer can keep still up with the team. Even though he now needs glasses, a warmer coat and puffy lined boots, he provides wisdom and experience. His specks provide extra protection from the flying snow and his antlers hold traditional trees and an old fashioned bell from Christmas past. His peaceful dove is a long time friend who finds the most comfortable seat of all in the fluff of Blitzen’s red dotted blizzard wear.


    • I would love to see you make a boxed set of these sketches as cards. I have all the ornaments of the reindeer and their elves. As well as the sleigh and Santa and Ms Claus. I would love to buy that boxed set if you ever decided to produce them.

    • Patience, it's delightful to hear all the specific details about each of these charmers. I can close my eyes and see you working away with visions waiting be become reality. Each one is adorable. Thanks for sharing their stories.


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  • Patience Brewster Halloween!

    Eeek!!!  Halloween is almost here!

    Take a peek at our showroom, where Patience shares her love for Halloween and talks about a few of her spooky offerings for 2015.



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  • Witch Apprentice

    Resorceress Witch Resorceress Witch- name inspired by Patience's niece, who wanted to be a Re-Sorceress! (she has a spider assistant)

    My mother was a notorious witch.

    I mean that as a high compliment.

    On Halloween, she was in demand.

    One October when I was very small, she had just got ready for a Halloween party as I was padding up to bed.

    Her hair, released from its tight bun, was wild, wiry and grey. Crouched under her tall pointy hat with extra penciled in wrinkles, she made a convincing witch.

    To avoid spooking me, she slipped behind the cellar door.

    I heard the soft scrambling sound, so, of course, I peeked behind that door to the frightening sight of her, in the shadows, now horrified herself!  I was so scared that my scream was afraid to come out of my mouth!!

    She quickly flicked on the light and turned the moment around completely. I had somehow stumbled upon a secret passageway to initiation as her miniature witch assistant.

    It felt like an honor.

    She held my hand and showed me the warm peeled grape “eyeballs” and slippery oiled pasta “innards”  she had prepared. She let me sniff her stitched up burlap pouches of incense and musty herbs tied in twine.

    Decades later, my cousins still still swear that they flew with her on her twiggy broomstick that night.

    I am guessing this is why my daughter and I could not help but dress up as witches on Halloween and why the witches I draw usually have a small assistant or “familiar” standing beside them!

    Happy all Hallow’s Eve!

    GrammaLallaHalloweenasChild Patience's mother on the right, enjoying her Halloween treats with Bungie King.
    Patience's mother, Lalla, as a small child on Halloween. Patience's mother, Lalla, as a small child on Halloween.
    Patience on the far left as a bunny, with her brother and sister in costume! Patience on the far left as a bunny, with her brother Splint and sister Marlee in costume!
    Patience, her son and daughter on Halloween circa 1988 Patience, her son Holland and daughter Marietta on Halloween circa 1988
    A rubber nose works it's own magic. Patience always has one on hand, for the appropriate occasion. A rubber nose works it's own magic. Patience always has one on hand, for the appropriate occasion.
    Halloween with close family friends! Halloween with the Angier family!
    Even the dogs get the full treatment on Halloween Even the dogs get the full treatment on Halloween
    Witch pencil drawing by Patience. Witch pencil drawing by Patience.
    Patience Witch Pin (& Pendant) illustration. Patience Witch Pin (& Pendant) illustration.
    Bat Witch086 Our Bat Moon Witch in her illustration profile by Patience. She is available now as both giant display and mini ornament!
    Harlequin Witch & Weasel  adjusted 300 dpi Patience's Harlequin Witch with her Weasel familiar on a leash!
    Crystal ball witch 240 The Hibiscus Witch with her Crystal Ball, drawn by Patience.


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  • Halloween!

    Take a look at our first video of a series we have filmed in our Showroom.  Patience gives you a virtual tour of some of select Halloween offerings for 2015!   More to come!


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